Men Who Cook

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Sunday, November 2, 2014
5:00-8:30 pm                                         Purchase Tickets!
Owenego Inn, Branford

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9:00 am - 3:00 pm

More than 200 influential and fun-loving community members, business leaders, and patrons will gather at the Owenego Inn in Branford for what has become of the Shoreline’s premiere charity events. Men Who Cook joins together volunteer chefs and a terrific crowd committed to raising funds for Women & Family Life’s outreach programs to help women and families coping with difficult transitions.

  • Festive Cocktail Format
  • Great Food
  • Chef Competitions & Acknowldegements
  • Auction & More!

About the Cause
The Women & Family Life Center helps women and their families face crises and major life transitions. For more than two decades, we have provided a safe, intimate setting for women to face changes, challenges, and crises with grace, dignity and the support of a community of peers. We help women connect with others, learn and grow, and find the resources they need to create successful life transitions.  Your support of Men Who Cook will ensure that we are able to meet the growing demand for educational programs that give women new skills, enabling them to better support their families, emotional support as they move from crisis to a sustainable new life, and programs that develop deep community and interpersonal ties for everyone in our community.

Thank You 2014 CHEFS!

Jeff Trombetta - Chair, 9 years
Pete Wagner - Chair, 6 years
Todd Angkatavanich - 1 year
Tony Arpino - 1 year
Donald Baechler - 15 years
Bill Bloss - 15 years
Richard Cartier - 1 year
Dom Cicchetti - 12 years
John DellaVentura - 3 years
Rob DeLucca - 1 year
Mike Dwyer - 2 years
Willard Finkle - 2 years
Tim Geelan - 1 year
Adam Greenberg - 1 year
Bo Huhn - 5 years
Jeff Hutchins - 1 year
Ted Kennedy Jr. - 2 years
Ed Meyer - 11 years
Brian Miller - 1 year
Alan Moss - 1 year
Peter Muszynski - 1 year
Mike Peck - 2 years
Nick Rawlings - 19 years
Steve Rumanoff - 1 year
Kevin Schroeder - 3 years
Shawn Silver - 3 years
John Slocum - - 1 year
Brendan Smith - 5 years
Andy Stephens - 4 years
Clay Stephens - 5 years
Rich Sudock - 1 year
Bruce Wilson - 1 year