Program Description

Over the course of 12 days after-school, 4th grade girls work with high school Head Coaches and 8th grade Assistant Coaches on a two-tiered curriculum.  For approximately the first hour after school, girls actively engage in a classroom curriculum that promotes positive self-esteem, interpersonal competencies and healthy lifestyles.  The activities employ various learning techniques, including discussion, writing, reading and crafts.

The second tier of the curriculum is running preparation.  The Coaches lead girls in exercises and practice runs, preparing them to run a 5K on the 13th program day, at the 5K Fun Run.  The 5K Run is completely non-competitive and fosters healthy exercises and a sense of accomplishment in the girls.

Program Logistics and Requirements

The GCGR 4th Grade Program takes place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Exact program hours & locations to be announced.
Week #1: April 24 and 26
Week #2: May 1 and 3
Week #3: May 8 and 10
Week #4: May 15 and 17
Week #5: May 22 and 24
Week #6: May 29 and 31
Culminating Event: 5K Fun Run on Friday, June 1

$125.00 participation fee.
Children must be able to participate in GCGR on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We recommend that your child  have no other after school activities on GCGR program days. Early pick-ups are discouraged.

4th grade participants may attend any public or private school and live in any town; parent/guardian responsible for transportation.