The Girls Coach Girls Run (GCGR) program is a peer-mentoring program run by the Women & Family Life Center and is open to all Shoreline families. Girls Coach Girls Run promotes self respect, community, leadership and healthy living while training for a 5K run. No running experience is required!

Through a 3-tiered peer mentoring program with high school girls, 8th graders, and 4th graders, Girls Coach Girls Run aims to increase leadership skills, build self esteem and interpersonal competencies, teach healthy lifestyles, and demonstrate the benefits of being an active community member. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are trained in the program curriculum to then lead the program for the 4th grade participants.

Who can participate? Junior and senior high school girls, 8th grade girls, and 4th grade girls from shoreline towns.

What are the program components?
The program is broken into 3 sessions:

  • SESSION I (High School Coach Training) provides 14 hours of training for high school girls.
  • SESSION II (All-Coach Training) provides another 12 hours of training for Head Coaches, with 8th grade Assistant Coaches joining them to together explore social issues and prepare to mentor the 4th graders.
  • SESSION III (4th Grade Component) includes all Coaches and the 4th grade participants. The program meets in the afternoons for 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays at various locations across the Shoreline.
  • 5K FUN RUN (Culminating Event) is a celebratory event where all participants and their families join together after school for a non-competitive 5K Run.

Is there a charge to participate?
Head Coaches are volunteers; 8th grade and 4th grade girls are program participants. The registration fees are $75 for 8th grade and $140 for 4th grade. Scholarships are available.

Do I need to be an experienced runner to join? NO! This program is open to everyone. Many past participants have never run before.

Can adults get involved? YES! We are always looking for volunteers to be adult supervisors at our program sites. If you are interested in getting involved with our program, please call and speak to our program staff.