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For moms discovering life with an infant…

Mama said there’d be days…
And some are harder than others.

Join other moms of infants asking themselves all those questions we moms are often too afraid to say aloud:  Am I the only mother feeling this way? Does your baby do this too?  How will I be able to go back to work?  Women discuss everything from mom self-care to baby care.  Our lactation consultant is also available on select dates to help with nursing questions.

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Join us for a hilarious

All you ever wanted to
know about your body
but were afraid to ask.

For young girls who are our future leaders…

Give your daughter the gift of confidence through our girls mentoring program.

Girls Coach Girls Run is a multi-tiered mentoring program that builds leadership skills, self-confidence and life-long friendships. It includes a running component as a team-building, goal-oriented exercise and is meant for non-athletes and athletes alike. “Run like a girl” finds new meaning for every young girl who has enjoyed this program since 2010.

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